R&D Center “Onboard control systems of mobile machines“




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Chief of R&D Center “Onboard control systems of mobile machines”, Ph. D. in Eng.
Vladimir Vladimirovich


Areas of activities

  • development of scientific foundations for creation and proving of industrial development of electrohydraulic control systems of mobile machines based on precise energy-saving drive systems of actuators;
  • development, engineering of methods of analysis and synthesis, research of a new generation of electronic and mechatronic components, integrated onboard control systems and information and analytical complexes of prospective vehicles, including monitoring and servicing the “human machine” transport systems according to their actual state;
  • simulation and semi-field observations of components of intelligent active safety systems, control systems and driver assistant systems of prospective vehicles;
  • engineering of a line of onboard mechatronic units, components of integrated electronic systems of mobile machines operating with accurate positioning of mobile objects on the ground;
  • development of methods and creation of devices for diagnosis and correction of motor and cognitive functions of a human on the basis of the methodology of biofeedback


  • Attachments and external equipment of tractors “Belarus” control system
  • Data management module for creating multifunctional onboard control systems of mobile machines
  • Semi-field research complex of intelligent information-control systems of mobile machines
  • Semi-field research complex of active safety and control systems of mobile machines
  • Balancing stabilometrical system
  • Electrically-operated pressure controllers of hydromechanical transmissions
  • New generation information complex for work in the multiplex system of electrical equipment for MAZ trucks


Vladimir V. SAVCHENKO,
Chief of R&D Center “Onboard control systems of mobile machines”, Ph. D. in Eng.
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